Personalized Reading Assessment and Strategy Session


July 27  – August 7, 2020

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours- by appointment only

Instructor: Renee Houser

This is NOT a test. I repeat…this is NOT a test! Too often, when we read or hear the word “assessment” it triggers ideas about evaluation or even judgement. When adults categorize learning as being “right or wrong” the product is often students who become silent, for fear of making a mistake, or fear of being “wrong”. Silence is the enemy of learning. Instead, what if our goals were to help students understand assessment as a tool to help measure our growth and lead to goal setting? What if our assessments helped students and teachers to  understand the importance of working through setbacks and challenges and the learning we are afforded from ALL opportunities to learn. Most authentic learning comes from practice of working through setbacks or ‘failures’ or thinking about how things could go differently. In this two part virtual summer session,  I’ll personally meet with caregivers and the student to discuss goals in various aspects of learning. We’ll set up the concept of assessment as a mindset rather than an event. We’ll discuss identifying opportunities for growth and how we can leverage current areas of strength. We’ll discuss the importance of a goal setting cycle, identify a goal that the student wants to work on, and a process for achieving that goal, reflection on that goal, and ultimately learning from the process.  Both caregivers and students will leave this two part session with a concrete understanding of areas of strength, strategies to work on while they are reading, and tools they can use to support their thinking while they read. Caregivers will leave with their own toolkit of how to support readers at home. 

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