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Dealing With the Awkward Silence

I hope you are all healthy, happy, and feeling loved.

I really try to be reflective. I often spend time considering how my actions impact both myself and others. I often observe others and see what they are doing well and ask myself how I can implement what they are doing in my own life. I also observe what others are doing not so well and I ask myself if I have ever been guilty of the same behavior. The answer is oftentimes, yes.

When I am teaching, sometimes I talk too much. I offer encouragement, ask questions, provide feedback, or repeat myself because I don’t always like the awkward silence that occurs when staring at a screen as students work on an assignment. I take the silence students need to process, revise, innovate, and plan and instead create distractions, never intentionally, of course.

Sometimes saying less can be a very good thing.


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